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Recent Changes to Ohio Dealer Laws

Changes to Lot Requirements

Beginning March 1, 2016, dealer lot requirements have changed. For dealers that will not have more than 10 retail vehicles for sale, you may have sufficient space for 10 or less vehicles. If you will have 11 or more vehicles for sale, your lot must still be 3500 square feet or more.

Changes to Off Highway Temp Tags

Beginning September 29, 2016 the law regarding temporary license placards for off-highway motor cycles & all purpose vehicles changes and will also be 45 days. Before September 29, 2016 off-highway motorcycles & all purpose vehicle temporary permits will only be for 30 days.

Changes to Ohio Dealer Salespersons License

Beginning June 30, 2016 a dealer shall keep a current list of the dealer's licensed salespersons and shall make the list available upon request to any inspector of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, police officer, Ohio Highway Patrol trooper, or customer. Each salesperson shall keep the salesperson's license or a copy of license at the place of business and shall provide the license or copy upon demand. This rule is now in effect. You can download the form here:

Temporary Tag Changes from 30 to 45 Days

Beginning June 30, 2016 all temporary permits that say “30 Days” will no longer be valid. If 30 day tags are issued to customers after June 30, 2016, law enforcement may confiscate those temporary tags and impound the vehicle or could lead to arrests of the consumers.

Web Enabled (WE) Dealers

Temporary tags will be print-on-demand for all Web-Enabled (WE) dealers. The current 3-part carbonless form BMV 4349 will no longer be available effective June 1, 2016.

Definition of Motor Vehicles

On January 1, 2016 Ohio will changes the definitions of several motor vehicles. This new set of definitions will be in effect until January 1, 2017, at which time a new set of definitions will take effect. Here is an overview of the new definitions:

“Vehicles” means everything on wheels, including motorized bicycles, but does not include mobility
“Motor Vehicles” means everything that is motorizes including RVs
“Mobile Home” is a building that is constructed offsite
“Semi-Trailer” is a vehicle trailer that does not have its own power
“Passenger Car” is a vehicle that is designed to carry no more than 9 people
“Bus” is any vehicle that is designed to carry more than 9 people
“Travel Trailer” is a non propelled recreational vehicle that does not exceed 35 feet
“Truck Camper” is a non propelled recreational vehicle that attaches to a truck

For a full list of all the changes to motor vehicle definitions, just click on

The definitions of motor vehicles above will be in effect from January 1, 2016 until January 1, 2017. Be sure to check back for the updated definitions before January 1, 2017.

Definition of Documents

On March 23, 2016, the definition of “documents” was changed to “records”. Ohio dealers are now allowed to have all of your official records stored electronically instead of being stored on paper. All records must still be stored securely.

Falsification of Power of Attorney Penalties

Beginning March 23, 2016, any licensed motor vehicle dealers or agents who make false statements on the power of attorney may be found guilty of falsification, or falsification in a theft offense. This is could happen to a dealer when your agent is using a Power of Attorney to apply for a title.

Replacement Vehicle Identification Number Plates

To obtain a Vehicle Identification Number Plate you now must use the Application for Replacement Vehicle Identification Number to a Motor Vehicle form which can be found at

http://www.bmv.ohio.gov/bmv_forms.stm The inspection must be done by the Ohio Highway Patrol. The installation of the VIN plate must also now be witnessed by an Ohio Highway Patrol officer. The title for any vehicle with new VIN plate will not read "replacement vehicle identification number installed" or "replacement VIN installed."

Possible Salvage Dealer Rule Changes

Several salvage dealer rules are being reviewed at this time by the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board. Be sure to check back very soon to see if this new set of rules affecting salvage dealers will go into effect.

Dealer Educational Class

The State of Ohio has now joined the many other states that require any person obtaining a motor vehicle dealer license for the first time to attend a dealer educational seminar. The dealer classes will be at least 6 hours in length. At this time no continuing education is required for currently licensed Ohio dealers. If you are a currently licensed dealer you will be grandfathered in under the new law. I you let your license expire, then reapply for your dealer license, you will most likely be required to attend a dealer class before obtaining your license again.

Change of Corporate Officers

If your corporation is electing new corporate officers other than the president you must submit a letter indicating that a new officer has been elected. Be sure to include the position held and the officer's name, address and social security number.
If you are removing an officer of a corporation, member or trustee from an existing license you must submit a letter signed by another officer, member indicating the name and social security number of the person being removed from the license.

Changing Classification of Dealer License

Any change in the classification of a business license requires you send in a new license application, BMV 4320. If you are electing new officers you are not required to send in a new license application.

Business Name Change

When changing the dealership name you must submit a completed BMV 4443, photographs of the dealership business sign, dealership lot, and the inside & outside of your office. If you are selling new motor vehicles you must submit a completed BMV 4319 for each new make of vehicle to be offered for sale. If you are sharing the business location with another licensed Ohio motor vehicle dealer you must also mail in BMV 4347.

Business Address Change

If you are changing your business address you must submit BMV 4443 with fees and contact your County Auditor to find out if a new vendor’s number is required.

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